NTN Bearings (Japan)


Founded in 1918. Under the brand name NTN, Nishizono Ironworks and Tomoe Trading Co. began joint manufacture and sale of bearings. NTN is a precision equipment manufacturer that develops business worldwide with its mainstay product of eco-friendly bearings that control energy consumption by reducing friction.


Deep Groove Ball Bearings

  1. Deep groove ball bearings are widely used. A deep groove is formed on each inner and outer ring of the bearing enabling them to sustain radial and axial loads in either direction as well as the complex loads which results from the combination of these forces. Deep grove ball bearings are sustainable for high speed applications.



Precision Bearings

  1. 1) Angular Contact Ball Bearings – Angular contact ball bearings are are non-separable bearings which have a certain contact angle in the radial direction relative to the straight line that runs through the point where each ball makes contact with the inner and outer rings.

  3. 2) Cylindrical Roller Bearings – Since the rolling element in cylindrical roller bearings make line contact with raceways, these bearings can accommodate heavy radial loads. The rollers are guided by ribs on either the inner or outer rings, therefore these bearings are also suitable for high speed applications. Furthermore, cylindrical roller bearings are separable, and relatively easy to install and disassemble even when interference fits are required.



Self- Aligning Ball Bearings

  1. The outer ring raceway of self-aligning ball bearings forms a spherical surface whose center is common to the bearing center. The inner ring of the bearings has two raceways. The balls, cage, and inner ring of these bearings are capable of shifting in order to compensate for a certain degree of misalignment with the outer rings. As a result, the bearing is able to align itself and compensate for shaft / housing finishing unevenness, bearing fitting error, and other sources of misalignment.



Thrust Ball Bearings

  1. 1) Single-direction thrust ball bearings – These bearings have balls enclosed in a cage between the shaft raceway washer that corresponds to the inner ring, and the housing raceway washer that corresponds to the outer ring. They can bear only single-direction axial loads.

  3. 2) Double-direction thrust angular contact thrust ball bearings – These can support axial loads in both directions, with high rigidity in the axial direction due to a large contact angle. Their structure is not suited to grease-lubricated vertical shafts.

  5. 3) High-speed duplex angular contact ball bearings (for axial loads) – These are used in back-to-back duplex (DF) arrangement and can support only bi-directional axial loads. They are superior to double-direction thrust angular ball bearings in high-speed properties, with low axial rigidity.



Other Range of Products

  1. 1) Miniature and Extra Small Bearings

  3. 2) Tapered Roller Bearings

  5. 3) Spherical Roller Bearings

  7. 4) Locknuts, Lockwashers

  9. 5) Bearing sleeves