Why BT



  • Authorized distributor

    Bearings are vital part of heavy and costly equipments installed in plants. A LEAST BREAKDOWN TIME is very important in today’s competitive world. Sourcing Genuine products from Authorized channels of manufacturers is very important and plays a major role in cost saving and performance of costly equipments in plants.


  • Vendors

    BT has a rich vendor base from from different sectors like steel, power, cement, mining, oil etc


  • Inventory planning

    BT believes in inventory planning for all regular customers either from heavy or from general industries to supply upto 100% exstock to minimize held up ast.


  • Variety of stock

    BT with a variety of over 10,000 types of bearing in stock can meet out 60% of bearing requirements for all new customers.


  • Team

    BT with highly dedicated team understands all typical requirements of bearings and related products.


  • Pre-dispatch Inspection (PDI)

    BT also provides PDI on all NTN Bearings free of cost to their customers. This is very important for customers especially when they are buying bearings on volume basis.


    Competitive price

    BT offers a very competitive price as source of bearings are directly from manufacturers.


  • Technical Support

    BT provides technical support to all our valued customers through highly dedicated team and through seminars & presentations on bearings at remote customer’s location.